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2019 - 2026 a New Chapter of the Earth-Element

God is simply present
just as we 
inconceivably unlikely
but both we are present
irrational givens
comprising everything

 The first 3 and a half months of a new time have passed and it might be time for a second


 Deep underneath of our consciousness aka surface,  we are displayed by the incredible subtle mix of and in four aggregate stages, the medieval s called it 'Elements'. And the zodiac displays the four elements on three levels: element, soul, spirit.

3 and a half months ago the second element 
in the zodiac
  had another birthday
for the entire northern hemisphere
under the sky

7. 17. 1802, UTC 20:48
Königskonjunktion im Erdelement

original 're-birth' of this element 
in heaven
in the Kingsconjunction of 1802 
in a sign of the  earth - element
 remaining 'sensible'
to quarternal  

A rhythmical watch on horoscopes has been invented in the Abbasid Baghdad by great Astrologers like
Messahala and Abu Ma'shar. In that tradition Wolfgang Döbereiner in Munich developed the 'Rhythmenlehre'
(Rhythm teachings). He attributed to all the Lights and planets  'their' numbers.

The rhythm of life to him is the 7. According to  him after 12 X 7 years,  hence  84 years, the entire zodiac has been walked around in steps of seven years. New round beginning sometimes ...
Now the rhythmical idea was to vision: Birth is beginning of the first seven years, hence
1. birthday is the beginning of the second seven years, second birthday of the third seven aso. ... and the 7-year-pieces are called 'septars'.

And here we have the new one valid from 7. 17. 2019:

17.7.1833, UTC 10:34
32. Septar 2019 - 2026 Northern Hemisphere

Now, while all planets have their rhythms,   the historical interesting level of  rhythms appears to be with the 7 the number of Moon and  Cancer
Hence this diary is besides that of the current weeks, the diary of the 'Septars', which consider 'birthdays' returning in rhythm of seven hence  1 year =7 years, beginning with the birth. So e.g. the third birthday is returning in the years between 14 and 21 the fourth between 21 and 28 a.s.o. 
 Hence in the collective hindsight, an open guide-book of collective things is happening without open, conscious  eyes for it, the only chance then is to follow ones heart instead reasoning cause our reasoning erroneously counts them out causing victims and painful learning by catastrophes.

What could teach astrology simpler than a look at the chart of  Washington, for the today 
7. 17. 2019 
completed last seven years.

Washington's ascendant was of the fire-Element's Aries , mythical blind rage ruler Mars in Taurus showing, himself  beyond of all civilization, the unconscious urge  and rage of the fire. But in the earth-sign Taurus = unity, the spearhead of Mars meets the density of Venus - being in these seven years united with Sun - the center of earth-power in the depth of the families (Cancer), while their place by Moon is originating a coming new presence in the depth of future which's time of maturing has yet to be completed ...
31. Septar Earth-Element Washington
2012 - 2019
blind and immature

Now these 7 years of blind rage of a Nuke-Superpower are completed and new challenge is awaiting.
Wer'e still breathing, nothing is lost, and a new Sun has risen over the earth element's new
recipe for the mix of four.

Sun on 7. 17. this year met
earth - Sun 
24,5° Cancer
of 17. 7. 1833
UTC 10:33

32. Septar of the latest Kings-conjunction in the earth-elementNorthern Hemisphere 2019 - 2026

allocated over the Northern Hemisphere
the locations find their places under the heaven

32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33 Berlin
2019 - 2026

Berlin is the appearance of Libra = balance
Venus in house 9 in Twins = spiritual chances abroad

32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33 Moskau
2019 - 2026

also  is  the 'appearance of Balance' 
however in house 8. meaning: = model for the collective of man

Now what kind of lot casts Washington

32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33, Washington
2019 - 2026

Washington is the appearance of sovereignty (Sun)
in house 12 = resolution
it's sovereignty is currently not in world and time
but immersed in the waters of past and future
12th house
of which all new times emerge.

And Uranus the toppler in his reign Aquarius
man-god -
the thinker

in house 7 encountering
Aquarius - in Encounter
Example 26. 7. 1875, C.G.Jung

The septar of Washington resembles that of Middle Europe
between Paris and Kiev in the last 7 years
also showing Sovereignty but in the  future
not in  presence

31. Septar Earth-Element 17.7.2012
2012 - 2019

like Middle-East Europe in last Septar
Washington has not only the Sun in 12 but also Moon in con-junction
both with Neptune in opposition meaning: double solution of will and reason

32. Septar, earth element, Washington, 2019 - 2026

This pack of 7 years belongs in Washington like the last seven years in US-Vassal Europe
solely the preparing of new(old) truths, in short: the sovereignty of will is not in the world and presence.
What a chance to clean America with the 'waters of doctrina'
by a new learning of our wild holy  fathers

Where Europe is now  China was the last seven years

last 31. Septar; Earth-Element 2012 - 2019

and here Beijing the next seven Years

32. Septar Earth-element Bejing 2019 - 2026
Saturn in house 8, meaning
Papa Beijing for 7 years as model of prudence

So much for an first overview. The first 3 and a half months have passed and it might be time for a first

Murnau, 10. 31. 2019, 

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