Samstag, 16. Januar 2021

The Great Extinction and the Current Equinox of the USA on Washington DC for 2020-2021

The Equinox is an old technique of astrology since the Persian/Arabic heyday of reading the stars.

The steps are, beginning with the Ascendant, on 3. 2020 = Sagittarius, stepping12 months = 12 houses. The current month from 12. 2020 - 1. 2021 are ruled by Virgo/Mercury and Pisces/Neptune.

If we know, that Pisces/Neptune = water, so Neptune in Pisces is pure truth, appearing in the inner realm of feeling. As an occurrence Neptune in Pisces in house 3 = presentation, in not only to extinguish the presentation of information, Mercury, but the great extinguishment, quasi the pure and total one. Likewise , in the demonic version of the archetypal constellation the extinguishers - the big oligarchs in the background  - got  step out of the backgrounds into their truth = Neptune, into the foreground of  appearance. (Neptune house 3).

Mercury = the information + Neptune's step into appearance are ruled by Uranus' Aquarius (in house 5); Uranus  himself is being ruled by the ruler of sovereignty (house 5), the predator Mars. 

It is Mars the sovereign predator in state (Capricorn) and society (house 2), together with the ideologue, (Pluto), the universities, (Jupiter) and the corrupted state, (Saturn), swallowing the fifth house of  free spirit, Uranus +Venus square Moon, in greed and vanity (Mars + Jupiter).

However, the potency of the year is actually  reconciliation, Jupiter, in state and society. Around February,10. one shall discern, what the innocent sinners and the demonic America will do with it.

Murnau, 1. 16. 2021, UTC: 17:09.


Montag, 11. Januar 2021

1/6 - "Another 9/11"

According to C. G. JUNG:
All archetypes contain the continuum
from the best and the worst.

 A short reminder: Two acts of demonic intelligence aka  (dark) Mercury - concerning the State,

and of ideological agenda - Pluto 

7. 4. 1776
transit 9.11.2001

7. 4. 1776
transit 10. 26. 2001
Patriot Act

"... in direct response" to 9/11, so  Wikilies

Murnau 1. 11. 2021, UTC: 10:53.

Freitag, 8. Januar 2021

Don't You Despair - Real Big Things have Small Beginnings

My piece to the situation of autumn 2020   contained the horoscope of the USA according to it's foundation on July 4. 1776.

To understand the constellation of 1. 6. 2021 it's only necessary, to watch the transits of the day: here the are:

Here the week

Here the day

1. 6. 2021, 18== EST

now the transits of the day on the horoscope of the USA

1.6. 2021, 18:00 EST

as transits on 

the foundation

well the picture tells more than 100 words ...



US-Mercury in Cancer

aka US - Women

aka Great families 

  Mercury aka  Media/ PR/ I.T.

Transit by Pluto


US - Pluto =  program

US - State 

'the throne'  


 of the 'haves'

(second house)

1. 6. 2021:

on the 'US-throne':

Pluto 27° 36'

Mercury of the day

27° 36°  

(about 19:30) EST

ruling media and education

in power

2 times Pluto - 2 times Mercury


the king of people Moon

with Saturn

in crossfire

1.6.2021, 18:00 EST

the square of the day

the complementary partners
Pluto + Mercury 
against Moon
the people

it is often said, that the ruling from behind is done by using 'WOCs' (watchers of  constellation). The idea, that this could be otherwise  seems to be more and more absurd. 

I'm sure, the powerful intellects, ruling the kings and psychic slaves, each one of them, on their way  has experienced that discourse  'in the desert' and has been  offered the rule, provided, one kissed devil's ass.

Hence, intellect, Mercury, mirroring word, and beauty, is not fit for the role of Kings: to sacrifice private interest and folly. In other words:

on the day

Mercury on that highest throne 

which belongs orderly to Saturn

in America that throne belongs to Pluto

the ideologues

at 27,5° Capricorn

Pluto basicly represents the power of


 being amassed in civilizations as

collective waiver

owned by 

the 'King and


this throne on 1.6.2021

day of the three kings



ready to rule the world

not by moral

not by wisdom

not by faith in the father


by intellect and Vanity

as kingsmakers

JUNG noted: the intellect aka 'science has occupied the throne, which deserves  to a higher quality of psychic potential, which is symbolized by Jesus, one of the voices inborn in each of us.

Mercuries  capabilities  unability to cope with the top is  the pathetic lesson of nowadays:  a Twin in the highest position, completely overwhelmed

6. 14. 1946, 
Donald Trump

The complementary of each thing with it's opposite is reason that a  bad opposites a  good, a black is premise for a white to appear. Are they united in  complementary way, they are of great power - of good and of bad.

The rally of Washington was a rally of Moon aka  the  people,  striving for the  world of Trumps Inauguration-Speech. The Moon of the day is caught in the PR-trap of Mercury and Pluto.

But this is true necessarily:

Big things have

Mass-rallies are no beginnings. Only to become personally smart by individuation, included the study the constellations on heaven between  good and evil, used against us,  serves to  become conscious, with whom mankind has to struggle: the dragon with lots of heads, spitting into our souls 24/7. through his numberless channels.

Mundomaniac, Murnau, 1 8.2021 UTC: 18:30