Mittwoch, 18. November 2020

Noon in Hanoi


When the signing of the RCEP-Trade-Deal  was completed, has not been communicated. So we have no statement of the ascendant. But the day talks enough:

Version 12:00, Local time,  Hanoi

Interesting is,  in the Asian cultures, where the signs of Heaven and Earth are thoroughly respected, the Day chosen for signing has:

  •  Conjunction Sun+Moon, N e w  M o o n ~ the beginning of an new revolution comprising light and shadow;
  •  exact square of Venus ~ community, with Pluto+Jupiter ~ waiver and providence, two of the three overlords in Capricorn ~  trans-personal determination
  • Opposition Mercury, ~ 'God of Commerce' with Uranus ~ suspension of borders
What a meaningful thing to do on this day, completing multi yearlong struggle for a long-term task:
The Venus-square signifies a steady resilient community.

Murnau, 11. 16. 2020.