Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2020

Remarks on Capricorn


Remarks on Capricorn

while this week's  Jupiter follows Venus into
Saturn's Capricorn
for the two of them and their realms
a step from abundance to 
11. 25 - 12. 2 2019

a pure Saturn in Capricorn clipping  the hedges of Summer to the Order of four-chambered time, constantly spinning, constantly marrying Nature; clipping assisted by brother Pluto's  cutting the  tendrils of  savor, lust and freedom to save the code of the species

12 23. 2019 - 1. 1.  2020

making the astro-community shudder
'hostile to life'
one can call Saturn/Capricorn most certainly
as desired calcium is  in life 
hostile to living and alteration but
indispensable for generation of frameworks
bones shells and skulls
in world and time
as we wouldn't like our bones
to melt or the crust above the magma
of the Earth
1. 6. - 13.  2020

2 10 - 19. 2020
not yet meaningful
but significant
the week of Mars
on his current 'pilgrims way'  to
of the god 
currently being at home
cutting temporal from everlasting
in the unchangeable
and the cold is
circling close around the pole 
Mars will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn
enter the realm of old wisdom
and discipline

Mars six weeks in the disposal
of boundary setting Saturn
his Capricorn is like a
Mars in Capricorn
storm in the north
the last wave of  I after
Mercury, Sun and Venus
the inner
now Mars
the first outer
will meet in the sixth week 
the Brother Pluto
still in the fathers  'land'
and in the seventh  the father
3. 23. - 4. 1. 2020