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The Presence of the Earth-Archetype Shaping the Fate of the Empire

"What Mach wanted, although it could not be 
carried out, was the total elimination of everything
 from the interpretation of nature that "is not
 ascertainable hic et nunc." But then one soon 
sees that one does not understand anything - neither
 the fact that one has to assign a psyche to others
 (only one's being acsertainable) nor the fact that
different people are all talking about the same  
(physical) object. ... Thus, in order to meet the
 requirements of both, instinct and reason, one has
 to introduce some structural elements of cosmic
order which "in themselves are not ascertainable."
It seems to me that with you this role is mainly 
taken over by the archetypes".

Wolfgang Pauli to C.G. JUNG, 
31 March 1953

" ... archetypes", so the psychologist. Astrologer's  kind of "structural elements of cosmic order" are the traditional zodiacal signs of the fathers of the west, between the Indo-Persian Borders and Oregon at the Pacific, uniting instinct and reason in the mirror between psyche and matter.

Astrology has it in the  six mirrors, unknown to  modern man.  Between heaven and hell,  earth below, spirit above, soul between them, half and half,  a 180° horizon continuously rounded by the zodiacal chain of signs/stars in the realm of the zodiac and glaring 'Gods' riding in them  ruling the times or being ruled by the times.

35.Week 2023

Now Astrology is a living thing. It  was Baghdad of the  8 and 9th Century where tzhr `house of wisdom' was sponsored by the caliph. Astrologers inherited, to have the  al Shahs, the Kings-Books which were collections of rhythms of planets like Saturn and Jupiter and their Great Conjunctions.and their

The great Abu Ma'shar of Balkhi living in Baghdad wrote the books: "Kitab al milal wa'd duwal". 
"Book  of Religious Communities and Dynasties" ,  "On the Great Conjunctions"and others.

In the school of Wolfgang Döbereiner the chronicler of the astromundane diary learned to distinguish  "Kings Conjunction"  from 'Great Conjuinction', which happens in steps of 20 years.

 "Great Conjunction" of the biggies
in Sun's family with a very
strong rhythmical impact

creating the most important
long waves of fate
in our receptive

 10 'Great Conjunctions',  invisible chain in one and the same  element. Their entry into the  next of the four elements waiting in the Zodiac: is the "Kings Conjunction" hapening each around 800 years:

Kings Conjunction
first in the chain 
of about 10 Great Conjunctions
 in the same element
 ~ 3.200 years

While 10 are following in  the  signs of the same element, each Kings-Conjunction giving the element's rhythmical 'shape' for the next ~ 800 years.

In this tradition the chronicler has  done a certain amount of research. He wrote a number of essays and 2006 after 25 years he learned he had to thrash most of it and to depart from Döbereiners "KC" in Element earth of 1842, because the real first one was 1802. Causa was the overlapping of the first conjunction in earth-element (= KK) 1802  by the last in fire (1821). Döbereiner (1928 - 2014) didn't dig it. 

To make the infinite story short: the

2. 26. 1942

chronicler (Saturn/Uranus/Mars in Taurus) gave his brightest light  to the unknown earth-element and its KK's between - 642 and 2577 with main focus on 20/21. Century. Following the idea, that 'earth' as element is  the receptacle in which the hostile elements meet and have to fight, and have to unite, hence  with earth one will have the basic condition for the union of all four.

And indeed earth appears in the zodiac, like all of the four elements, on three levels. So physically on Taurus', emotionally on  Virgo's and spiritually on Capricorn's level.

To come to the presence: Each time in itself is a rhythmical Non - Being. Birth, of what kind ever , is birth into time, is a living clock in the psycho/physical matrix, birth is a moment ,  "radiating" into time, sensible to the roving 'gods' of times and their 'radiation'.
So our present earth-shaper, our ruling Kings Konjunction's King Saturn with son Jupiter in Virgo, in the element earth, as living sender and receiver from time-waves of soul

Birth of the current earth-aeon 

To watch how the shape of this figure is taking shape, step by step in the 8 centuries, bears the chance
instead of being victim of it, to be a conscious artist of time, taking care for it's dangerous and endangered seeds and thriving on its nourishing fruits. Known techniques required for thisare easy, called 

transits of
current planets and 'lights' 
Sun and Moon
 over  KK-birth-planets

and there is a second tool:

The 'septars' (from septem 7,) capture the rhythmic signature of the wave-nature of any birth. While any sign, light and planet has its rhythmical nature.

According to 'Döbereiner's Rhythmenlehre', the rhythm of Moon is the Seven, ruling the intriverted motives in, of and for each's life. Sun's rhythm is the 10 for the extraversion of the motives.

The technique: the seven-rhythm- moves, beginning with the ascendant. Any Place on the 360° around the northern half of each Planet, has one of 360 Grades in the zodiac as Ascendant. (The same  goes transposed by  half a year, to the southern half of the Planet.)

 Reading the septars goes in steps of 7 months/years, so, when the 12 x 7-month/years-steps are completed after 12 x 7 months = 7 years , or 12 x 7 years = 84 years.

After 12 x 7 months/years the birthday's constellation is fulfilled. The horoscope of the next 12 x 7/months/years is taken off the first birthday at exact the moment of the same Sun-position  like the  birth' one,
First birthday beginning the second septar, second birthday gives the third septar, tenth birthday gives the eleventh septar,  for the time from 70 to 77, and so on.

Now I hope, it is possible, to comprehend, what I'm telling about, when I present our current 31. Septar for the earth element of the northern hemisphere. It is based on the 30. birthday of the Kings Conjunction of 1802.

31. Septar of the Kingsconjunction in the earth-element
northern Hemisphere

17. 7. 1832, UTC 4:38
for the time 7. 17. 2012 - 2019.

What does it tell us about the entire northern hemisphere? 
It is due to mankind, to apprehend  it's psycho/physical fate by watching  the septars of  this aeon's lifetime between 1802 and 2577. 

Here and now, the green marked 'players' from 2012 - 2019 are doing their secret works within the unconsciousness of our hemisphere.

Firstly: since 217 years Sun in Cancer rules the earthly things. A hint on the incessant emergence of the female 'continent' in the  private corporative, housekeeping and official matters of the world.

Looking for the 'original sinners', we have to contemplate that. By the way, Hillary's official e-mails on private servers serve as aptly illustration.

Secondly the Neptune in Capricorn with his water-green marked resonances to Mars and Sun/Venus.
Neptune in Capricorn signifies,, that the matters of Capricorn,  the collective rules manifested by state and officialdom as subject to dissolution. As the rhythm of the septars have a progression from birthday to birthday of 2, ° grades the  record is, that from the 20th Septar for 1935 - 1942 till the end of the 32th Septar of 1833,  2019 - 2026,  the Neptune will continue to move through Capricorn.

What this politically induced was clearly visible shortly past 1935.: The resolution of Austria's State's order and even more radical the stap-wise, finally  entire resolution of the Czech state by the executer of the unconscious fate, Germany. 

17. 7. 1821, UTC 12:53 Prag
20. Septar for 1935 - 1942

It's easy to do a little history and compare the acts with the green and red time-steps in the outer ring of the chart.

for comparison: Berlin 1935 - 1942.

The nearly identical charts signify the fact, that perpetrator and victim use to have the same activated archetypes, both with resoluter Neptune and toppler Uranus activated in resonance with sacrificer Pluto at the definite end of  a time = 29,8° Pisces.

Now for  the present time  we are in the last four months of the 31. Septar. The empire has  3 remaining months of as senseless as relentless blind rage according to a Mars in the first house (expansion) of Aries, 

31. Septar 17. 7. 1832 UTC 4:38
2012 - 2019

while the European vassals are engaged with the attempts of sovereignty, according to the ascendant of Leo,  between Paris and Moscow, which's Sun and rule in the 12th house signifies: "not yet in the present world".
31. Septar 17. 7. 1832 UTC 4:38
2012 - 2019

while only the far east of Europe with Sun in the 11. house (genesis) is given the opportunity for origin of sovereignty.

31. Septar 17. 7. 1832 UTC 4:38
2012 - 2019

And the neptunian green marked Sun/Venus and Mars in opposition and square tell resolution as well as new spring. 

Finally the outlook at the empires next seven years according to the 32. Septar, beginning on July 17 this year:

32. Septar, 17.7.1833 UTC 10:34
2019 - 2026

Plain to see, the empire has the fate of the European vassals of the last 7 years: sovereignty 'not in this world',  dissolution instead.

So, this was an attempt to build a symbolic bridge  from unconsciousness to awareness for the comprehension of the symbolic traits, signifying some powerful rhythmic contents, of recent past and presence. It was an attempt, considering the mass of aspects, to focus strictly on the telling septars of the earth-element.

A lot of ad hoc representations are in the body of 'astromundane diary'  since 2014, to be googled by

Murnau 4. 17, 2019, UTC: 20:40.


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