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80 Years Ago: the World-Decisive Battle at Kursk


After the defeat before Moscow in the winter of 1941-42 and the catastrophe of the 6th Army in Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-43, with the summer of 1943 approached the time when it would be finally decided which side would have the initiative in the gigantic struggle from now on. Two months after the surrender the 6th Army and the subsequent offensive of the Red Army, up till the liberation of Kharkov, which had since then been retaken by Manstein's counteroffensive, both the fascist and the Russian side were considering the probabilities of the summer campaign.

In Hitler's Order of operation No. 6 of April 15, 1943,  it was said in the characteristic "Führer style" :

"I have decided, as soon as the weather permits, to lead the 'Citadel' attack as the first of this year's attacks. This attack is therefore of crucial importance. It must succeed quickly and decisively. It must give us the initiative for this spring and summer. Therefore, all preparations must be carried out with the utmost care and vigor. The best associations, the best weapons, the best leaders, large quantities of ammunition are to be used at the focal points. Every leader, every man must be imbued with the decisive significance of this attack. The victory of Kursk must seem like a fanal for the world."

 The operational target of the attack was described as:

 "The aim of the attack is to encircle the enemy forces located in the Kursk region and to destroy them by a concentric attack by a sharply combined, ruthlessly and quickly carried out advance of one attacking army each from the Belgorod region and south Orel."


On the Russian side, also in April, the probable location was seen, as Zhukov describes:

"Throughout the day I worked with Vasilevsky and his deputy Antonov on the documents for the lecture at Stalin's. From the early morning, the three of us sat over this work. Since there was complete agreement between us, everything was ready by the evening. Antonov was rightly considered an excellent master of staff culture, while we were preparing the summary of the report to Stalin, he quickly drew up the situation map and the map plan of the actions of the fronts in the area of the Kursk Bulge.

We had started from political, economic and military-strategic considerations and came to the conclusion that it was important for the fascists to stay at the front from the Gulf of Finland to the Sea of Azov at all costs. They were certainly able to equip their troops well in a strategic direction and to organize a large offensive operation in the area of the Kursk Bulge in order to crush the troops of the Central and Voronezh Fronts. This could change the overall strategic situation in favor of their troops, not to mention that the entire front would have been significantly shortened and the overall operational density of their defense increased.

The location in the Kursk Bend made it possible to conduct two opposing collisions in the general direction of Kursk: one from the area south of Oriol and one from the area of Belgorod. It was assumed that the fascist high Command would remain on the remaining sections in defense, since, according to our calculations, it lacked the forces for offensive operations here.

On the evening of April 12, Vasilevsky, Antonov and I drove to the headquarters. Stalin listened to us more attentively than probably never before. He agreed with us that the main efforts should be focused on the Kursk region, but still expressed concern about the Moscow direction.

Discussing the plan of our actions, we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to build a stable low-level defense in the most important directions, primarily in the Kursk Arc. Corresponding directives were sent to the commanders-in-chief of the fronts. The troops began to dig deep into the earth. We also took precautions to bring the strategic reserves of the headquarters as close as possible to the most vulnerable rooms. Thus, already in mid-April, a preliminary decision was made by the headquarters for the planned defense. (Emphasis added. by the author).

The headquarters considered the Voronezh, the Central- the South-Western and the Briansk Fronts to be the main active fronts of the first stage of the summer campaign. According to our calculations, the most important events would take place here. We wanted to counter the expected offensive with a powerful defense, to defeat the enemy, first of all to smash his tank group, and finally to beat him in the counterattack. We decided to draw up a plan of offensive actions at the same time as the plan of defense and counterattack. However, if the enemy's offensive should be delayed any longer, we did not want to wait for it first.

So our defense was by no means forced on us, but extremely planned. The timing of the offensive made the headquarters dependent on the situation. It should not be rushed, but also not put on the long bench. (Emphasis added. by the author).

G.K.Zhukov, Memories and Thoughts, , Berlin 1987, pp. 146 f.


The astrological consideration raises the question: how could it come about that the two strongest land- armies of the world were fighting for world domination with each other for life and death? Is there something so ultimately recognizable in the constellations that indicate an unconscious chains of fate?

The analysis firstly has to examine the 'long waves of fate' as they are the powerful backgrounds of the activated projections.

Since it is about fire, flame and annihilation, first of all, here the seven-year horoscope ('septar') of the fire element of 1603 upon the northern hemisphere of the Earth in the period in question:

The forty-ninth septar (seven-year horoscope)
of the royal conjunction in the fire - element
 valid from 17.12.1939 up to 17.12. 1946,

containing all air-fire - Mars in Aquarius-  human catastrophes of these 7 years, accordingly, looking like the extreme horoscope, a mundan astrologer might find once in his life:

it unites in an Sagittarius-








in opposition with


in a conjunction uniting 8 of 12 timequalities in  firy events, under the sign of Sagittarius, who is always concerned with a complete solution, making the reconciliation of opposites possible.

the whole depraved stuff has to be burned

Since June 17, 1943, the rhythms of the mutually reflecting halves of symbolic and material life has been been met in Pisces whose Neptune is in the middle of the cluster of destinies. Neptune is the end of every development according to the 12th sign in the zodiac,  indicating the world- water into which all streams flow, "because it lies deeper than these" (Lao Tse). So in these 7 years, the first element fire aproaches to the complete dissolution of the planetary knot of fate in the, paradoxical as it sounds, possible 'fire of reconciliation', which burns up hatred.

(The narrations of German soldiers,   back from Russia: the teached us the be-jesus - no arrogance left)

Since the four elements, when they unite to form higher formations, always are cooking them in the 'vessel' of the earth, thinking and feeling, air and water are required  to complete fire and earth.

The current septar of the Royal Conjunction in the earth element,

 which has been the case since the Kings' conjunction in the Earth element of 17.7.1802.

 21th septar of the Kingsconjunction of  1802 

Here without a location assignment, it is easy to see that in the 248 years of the Pluto cycle, this septar contains the first appearance of the sufferer for a completely new human form. The previous septar, valid from 1935 - 42, contained the completion of the 'theme' of the last 248 years, in 7-year sections each.
In the septar in question, valid from 1942 - 49, the chronological position of the battle at Kursk is as follows:
February- September 1943

mirrored by

21 Septar 1942 - 1949, earth - element on Kursk

Uranus + Neptune = suspension + resolution

in a state = Capricorn ruled by Sagittarius' conciliation

+ sacrifice Pluto on the wilderness of a battlefield

the energy Mars of a center

here, too,  a very rare constellation: Mars, the attack, and Pluto, the sufferer, are exactly connected in opposition - and not only that, Pluto, as I said, is in the first step in a new 248-year run in the zodiac. To this is now added the square with the rarest conjunction of Uranus, the cancellation, and Neptune, the dissolution. In other words: an aggressive, extremely fateful earth-shaking constellation in the earth element, ruling Taurus Virgo and Capricorn, or defense, ratio and measure.

Between February and September 1943, the derailleur Uranus rules the real-material 2nd house via air-elements Aquarius, while the Jupiter of Sagittarius in the 5th house inspires the soul with the perfection of foresight and prudence.

Finally, the daily constellations of the beginning of the battle - 5. 7. 1943

Mars/Pluto = the attack according to Pluto =the plan

Kursk at the end of 13. 7. 1943

Mars  in Taurus:

the offensive out of the defensive

was preceded by the culmination of the battle on the 12th -  the world event of the tank battle of Prokhorovka -  which the Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff Vasilievsky describes in his "Cause of the Whole Life:

"The defensive operation of the Voronezh and Central Fronts lasted from July 5 to July 23. From July 12, the 5th Guards Tank Army and the 5th General Army of the Steppe Front, subordinated to the Voronezh Front, entered the defensive battle.

In total, the enemy offensive lasted almost a week and was brought to a standstill on July 12. The enemy had suffered heavy losses and had advanced only 12-35 kilometers on the northern and southern sections of the Kursk Arc. So he had to stop the attack and retreat. The fascists could not realize their operation plan 'Citadel' after they wanted to encircle our troops on the fourth day of the attack. Our defense turned out to be stronger. And with this we had created the necessary conditions for the transition to the planned counter-offensive. If one asks about the most important result of the defensive battle, then, in my opinion, the destruction of the German tank formations should be called, because this created a particularly favorable balance of forces for us in this important type of weapons. A significant contribution to this was the victory of the great tank encounter battle south of Prokhorovka. I have witnessed this truly titanic duel of two steel armads, which on  July 12. had taken place on the southern section of the Kursk Arc. Up to 1200 tanks and self-propelled guns were involved in it. There is still a document from this period, which I sent from this room to the Supreme Commander on July 14. and which bears eloquent testimony to what happened.

"According to your personal instruction, since the evening of 7. 9. 43 I have been constantly staying with the troops of Rotmistrov and Shadows in the Prokhorovka direction and in the south direction. The enemy, as before, continues its massed tank attacks and counterattacks against our tank troops on the Shadows and Rotmistrov fronts. A breakthrough had been made in the army of Kryuchenkin, through which serious danger threatened the rear of the main forces of Rotmistrov and a corps of Shadows. In order to close them, two mechanized brigades from the 5th Infantry corps and  some units of Redmistrov's troops will be deployed and transferred to the Shakhovo -Avdeyevka -Alexandrovka area. In order to liquidate the breakthrough in the Shadow army, on 7/12/43 the remaining units of the 5th Mechanized Corps had to be thrown into the rooms of Vesyoly, Vasilyevka and Petrovka. As a result, the force of the main impact of Rotmistrov from the direction of Prokhorovka to the south-west was significantly weakened. From observations of the course of the battle and from prisoner statements, I would like to conclude that the enemy, despite his huge losses, continues to insist on breaking through to Oboyan and Kursk without fail. Yesterday I personally observed a tank battle between our 18th and 29th corps and over 300 enemy tanks in the counterattack southwest of Prokhorovka. At the same time, hundreds of guns and all our available launchers took part in the battle. After an hour, the whole battlefield was littered with burning German and Soviet tanks.
Within two days, the 29th Tank Corps of Rotmistrov lost 60 percent and the 18th Kops 30 percent of its tanks: the losses in the 5th Mechanized Corps are insignificant. I believe that an enemy tank breakthrough from the south into the area of Shaovo-Avdeyevka-Alexandrovka is also possible for tomorrow. Tonight I will take measures to transfer the entire 5th Mechanized Corps, the 32nd Motorized Brigade and 4 Tank hunter Regiments here. In view of the strong enemy tank forces in the direction of Prokhorovka, the main forces of Rotmistrov and a rifle corps of Shadows were given the limited task for the 14th-7th to smash the enemy in the Storoshevoye-north Storoshevoye-Sovkhoz 'Komsomolets' area, to reach the Gryaznoye-Yasnaya Polina line and thus reliably cover the Prokhorovka direction.

Even tomorrow a tank encounter battle is not excluded here. As before, no less than 11 tank divisions are acting here against the Voronezh Front, which are being systematically replenished.

The message was delayed because I came back late from the front. 7/14/43, 2:47 a.m. From the 5th Guards Tank Army.“
The Second stage of the Kursk Battle began on July 12 and lasted until August 23.“

Wassiliewsky, Sache des ganzen Lebens, Berlin 1977, pp. 307 f.

Memorial Prokhorovka

Today, 80 years after the tank battle of Prokhorovka, Russian formations are once again facing the same opponent - ideologically speaking - who still wants to smash Russia ito pieces.

I quote from memory: "All the main and state actions appear twice in history: first as  tragedy and then as  farce." And it's a bloody farce that is to be performed on the Theater of War of Ukraine.

When at last, the astrological heart asks, can the infinitely good sides of constellations like those shown above be a bright blessing to the human race? Because, as C.G.JUNG testifies: 'the archetypes contain the lowest and the highest', it is up to us which of their sides come into play. 

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Vor 80 Jahren: die weltentscheidende Schlacht bei Kursk


Nach der Niederlage vor Moskau im Winter 1941-42 und der Katastrophe der 6. Armee vor Stalingrad im Winter 1942-43, war der Sommer 1943 die Zeit, in der endgültig entschieden werden würde, welche Seite in dem gigantischen Ringen hinfort die Initiative  hätte. Zwei Monat nach der Kapitulation
der 6. Armee und der nachfolgenden Offensive der Roten Armee bis hin zu Befreiung von Charkow, das dann in der Gegenoffensive Mansteins noch einmal wieder genommen worden war, wurden auf der faschistischen wie auf der russischen Seite die Wahrscheinlichkeiten des Sommerfeldzuges erwogen.

In Hitlers Operationsbefehl Nr. 6 vom 15. April 1943 hieß es etwa im charakteristischen „Führerstil" :
„Ich habe mich entschlossen, sobald die Wetterlage es zuläßt, als ersten der diesjährigen Angriffsschläge den Angriff ,Zitadelle' zu führen. Diesem Angriff kommt daher ausschlaggebende Bedeutung zu. Er muß schnell und durchschlagend gelingen. Er muß uns die Initiative für dieses Frühjahr und Sommer in die Hand geben. Deshalb sind alle Vorbereitungen mit größter Umsicht und Tatkraft durchzuführen. Die besten Verbände, die besten Waffen, die besten Führer, große Munitionsmengen sind an den Schwerpunkten einzusetzen. Jeder Führer, jeder Mann muß von der entscheidenden Bedeutung dieses Angriffs durchdrungen sein. Der Sieg von Kursk muß für die Welt wie ein Fanal wirken." Als operatives Angriffsziel wurde bezeichnet: „Ziel des Angriffs ist, durch scharf zusammengefaßten, rücksichtslos und schnell durchgeführten Vorstoß je einer Angriffsarmee aus dem Gebiet Belgorod und südlich Orel die im Gebiet Kursk befindlichen Feindkräfte einzukesseln und durch konzentrischen Angriff zu vernichten."

Auf der russischen Seite, ebenfalls im April wurde die wahrscheinliche Lage gesehen, wie es Schukow beschreibt:

Den ganzen Tag hindurch arbeitete ich mit Wassilewski und seinem Stellvertreter Antonow an den Unterlagen für den Vortrag bei Stalin. Vom frühen Morgen an saßen wir zu dritt  über dieser Arbeit. Da zwischen uns völlige Übereinstimmung bestand, war bis zum Abend alles fertig. Antonow galt mit Recht als vorzüglicher Meister der Stabskultur, während wir den Konspekt des Berichts an Stalin aufsetzten, entwarf er schnell die Lagekarte und den Kartenplan der Handlungen der Fronten im Raum des Kursker Bogens.

Wir waren von politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärstrategischen Erwägungen ausgegangen und zu der Ansicht gelangt, dass es den Faschisten darauf ankäme, sich um jeden Preis an der Front vom Finnischen Meerbusen bis zum Asowschen Meer zu  halten. Sie waren gewiss in der Lage, ihre Truppen in einer strategischen Richtung gut auszurüsten und eine große Angriffsoperation im Raum des Kursker Bogens zu organisieren, um die Truppen der Zentral- und der Woronescher Front zu zerschlagen. Das könnte die strategische Gesamtlage zugunsten ihrer Truppen ändern, ganz zu schweigen davon, dass die gesamte Front dadurch wesentlich verkürzt und die allgemeine operative Dichte ihrer Verteidigung erhöht worden wäre.

Die Lage im Kursker Bogen gestattete es, in der allgemeinen Richtung Kursk zwei entgegenstrebende Stöße zu führen: einen aus dem Raum südlich Orjol und einen aus dem Raum Belgorod. Es wurde angenommen, dass das faschistische Oberkommando an den übrigen Abschnitten in der Verteidigung bliebe, da es ihm hier nach unseren Berechnungen an Kräften für Angriffsoperationen fehlte.

 Am Abend des 12. April fuhren Wassilewski, Antonow und ich ins Hauptquartier. Stalin hörte uns so aufmerksam an wie wohl nie zuvor. Er stimmte uns zu, dass die Hauptanstrengungen auf den Raum Kursk konzentriert werden müssten, äußerte aber nach wie vor Sorgen wegen der Moskauer Richtung.

Bei der Besprechung des Planes unserer Handlungen gelangten wir zu dem Schluss, dass eine stabile tiefgestaffelte Verteidigung in den wichtigsten Richtungen, vor allem im Kursker Bogen, aufgebaut werden müsste.

Entsprechende Direktiven gingen an die Oberbefehlshaber der Fronten. Die Truppen begannen sich tief in die Erde einzugraben. Weiter trafen wir Vorsorge, die strategischen Reserven des Hauptquartiers so nahe wie möglich an die meistgefährdeten Räume heranzubringen.

Somit wurde schon Mitte April vom Hauptquartier ein vorläufiger Entschluss für die planmäßige Verteidigung gefasst. (Hervorheb. durch den Autor).

 Das Hauptquartier hielt die Woronescher, die Zentral- die Südwest- und die Briansker Front für die aktiven Hauptfronten der ersten Etappe des Sommerfeldzuges. Hier würden nach unseren Berechnungen die wichtigsten Ereignisse abrollen. Wir wollten der zu erwartenden Offensive mit einer mächtigen Verteidigung begegnen, dem Gegner eine Niederlage beibringen, in erster Linie seine Panzergruppierung zerschlagen, und ihm im Gegenangriff endgültig schlagen. Wir beschlossen, zugleich mit dem Plan der Verteidigung und des Gegenangriffes einen Plan der Angriffshandlungen auszuarbeiten. Sollte sich die Offensive des Gegners jedoch länger hinauszögern, so wollten wir sie nicht erst abwarten.

Unsere Verteidigung war uns also keineswegs aufgezwungen, sondern ausgesprochen planmäßig. Den Zeitpunkt für die Offensive machte das Hauptquartier von der Lage abhängig. Sie sollte nicht überstürzt, aber auch nicht auf die lange Bank geschoben werden. (Hervorh. durch den Autor).

G.K.Shukow, Erinnerungen und Gedanken,  , Berlin 1987, S. 146 f.


Der astrologischen Betrachtung stellt sich die Frage: wie  konnte es dazu kommen, dass die beiden stärksten Landarmeen der Welt auf Tod und Leben miteinander um die Weltherrschaft rangen?

Ist etwas derartig Ultimatives in den Konstellationen, die unsere unbewussten Schicksalsverkettungen anzeigen erkennbar`?

Die Analyse untersucht zuerst die 'langen Wellen des Schicksals' die die machtvollen Hintergründe der
aktivierten Projektionen anzeigen. 

Da es sich um Feuer, Flamme und Vernichtung geht zuerst das Siebenjahres-Horoskop des Feuer-Elements auf der Nordhalbkugel der Erde in der fraglichen Zeit:

Das neunundvierzigste Septar (Siebenjahreshoroskop) der Königskonjunktion im Feuerelement gültig vom 17.12.1939
bis zum 17.12. 1946, enthaltend alle Menschenkatastrophen dieser 7 Jahre. Entsprechend sieht es aus:

ein extremes Horoskop, wie es der Mundan-Astrologe einmal in seinem Leben vorfindet:

es vereint:

vereint in Opposition mit

in einer Konjunktion, die 8 von 12 Zeit-Qualitäten in einem Feuer-Geschehen vereint und zwar (außer Venus) im Zeichen Schütze, dem es immer um einem Gesamtlösung geht, die eine Versöhnung von Gegensätzen möglich macht.

Seit dem 17. Juni 1943 ist der Rhythmus der einander spiegelnden Hälften des symbolischen und des materiellen Lebens vereint in Fische mit ihrem Neptun mitten in dem Schicksalscluster. Neptun ist das Ende einer jeden Entwicklung gemäß dem 12. Zeichen im Tierkreis das das Weltwasser anzeigt in welches alle Ströme münden, "weil es tiefer liegt als sie" (Lao Tse). Also die komplette Auflösung des planetarischen Schicksalsknotens im, so paradox es klingt, 'Feuer der Versöhnung', das den Hass verbrennt.

Da die vier Element dort, wo sie sich zu höheren Gestaltungen vereinen, diese immer im 'Gefäß' der Erde vollziehen, bedarf es vor Luft und Wasser, Denken und Fühlen, vor allem des Septars der Köniogskonjunktion im Erd-Element, welches das      ist seit der Königskonjunktion im Erdelement vom 17. 7. 1802.

Hier, noch ohne Orts-Zuordnung ist leicht zu erkennen, dass in den 248 Jahren des Pluto-Kreislaufes dieses Jahrsiebt das erste einer völlig neuen Erdgestalt enthält. Das vorige, gültig von 1935 - 42 enthielt den Abschluss der 'Thematik' von 248 Jahren, in jeweils 7-Jahres-Abschnitten.

Im fraglichen 21. Septar gültig von 1942 - 49 ist die zeitliche Position der Schlacht bei Kurs wie folgt:

21. Septar 1942 - 1949, Erdelement

auch hier haben wir eine ausgesucht seltene Konstellation vorliegen: Mars, der Angriff, und Pluto, das Opfer, sind exakt in einer Opposition verbunden - und nicht nur das, Pluto , wie gesagt, im ersten Schritt in einen neuen 248 Jahre währenden Lauf im Tierkreis.  Dazu nun kommt das Quadrat mit der seltensten Konjunktion Uranus, die Aufhebung, und Neptun, die Auflösung. Mit anderen worten: eine aggressive, extrem schicksalsgeladene erderschütternde Konstellation im Erdelement, welche Stier- Jungfrau und Steinbock regiert.
Zwischen Februar und September 1943 regiert der Umwerfer Uranus über Wassermann das real-stoffliche 2. Haus während der Jupiter von Schütze im 5. Haus die Seele mit der Perfektion der Voraus- und Umsicht begeistert.

Abschließend noch die Tageskonstellationen des Beginns - 5. 7. 1943

Mars/Pluto = der Angriff laut Plan
Kursk Ende 13. 7. 1943

Mars in Stier
die Offensive aus der Defensive

ihr war der Höhepunkt der Schlacht am 12. 7. vorausgegangen, dem Weltereignis der Panzerschlacht von Prochorovka. Die der stellvertretende Generalstabschef Wassiliewski in seiner "Sache des ganzen Lebens" beschreibt:

„Die Verteidigungsoperation der Woronescher und der Zentralfront dauerte vom 5. Bis zum 23. Juli. Ab 12. Juli traten die 5. Gardepanzerarmee und die 5. Allgemeine Armee der Steppenfront, die der Woronescher Front unterstellt wurden, in die Verteidigungsschlacht ein.

Insgesamt währte die gegnerische Offensive knapp eine Woche und konnte am 12. Juli zum Erliegen gebracht werden. Der Gegner hatte hohe Verluste erlitten und war am Nord- und Südabschnitt des Kursker Bogens nur 12 bis 35 Kilometer vorangekommen. So musste er den Angriff einstellen und sich zurückziehen. Die Faschisten konnten ihren Operationsplan ‚Zitadelle‘  nicht verwirklichen, nachdem sie unsere Truppen am vierten Angriffstag eingeschlossen haben wollten. Unsere Verteidigung erwies sich als stärker. Und damit hatten wir die notwendigen Voraussetzungen für den Übergang zur geplanten Gegenoffensive geschaffen. Fragt man nach dem wichtigsten Ergebnis der Verteidigungsschlacht, so müsste meines Erachtens die Zerschlagung der deutschen Panzerverbände genannt werden, denn dadurch entstand ein für uns besonders günstiges Kräfteverhältnis bei dieser bedeutenden Waffengattung. Wesentlich trug dazu der Gewinn der großen Panzerbegegnungsschlacht südlich Prochorowka bei. Ich bin Zeuge dieses wahrhaft titanischen Duells zweier stählerner Armaden gewesen, das am 12. Juli am Südabschnitt des Kursker Bogens stattgefunden hatte. Bis zu 1200 Panzer und Selbstfahrlafetten waren daran beteiligt. Aus dieser Zeit existiert noch ein Dokument, das ich am 14. Juli aus diesem Raum an den Obersten Befehlshaber geschickt habe und das beredtes Zeugnis von dem Geschehen ablegt.

„Gemäß Ihrer persönlichen Weisung halte ich mich seit den Abendstunden des 9. 7. 43 ständig bei den Truppen Rotmistrows und Shadows in der Richtung Prochorowka und in der Südrichtung auf. Der Gegner setzt nach wie vor an der Front Shadows und Rotmistrows seine massierten Panzerangriffe und- Gegenangriffe gegen unsere Panzertruppenteile fort. Bei der Armee Krjutschenkins war eine Durchbruchstelle entstanden, durch die dem Rücken der Hauptkräfte Rotmistrows und einem Korps Shadows ernste Gefahr drohte. Um sie zu schließen, mussten zwei mechanisierte  Brigaden aus dem 5. Mechanisierten Korps und einige Truppenteile Rotmistrows bereitgestellt und in den Raum Schachowo -Awdejewka -Alexandrowka verlegt werden. Zur Liquidierung des Durchbruchs bei der Armee Shadows mussten am 12.7.43 die übrigen Truppenteile des 5. Mechanisierten Korps in die Räume Wesjoly, Wassiljewka und Petrowka geworfen werden. Dadurch wurde die Wucht des Hauptstoßes Rotmistrows  aus Richtung Prochorowka nach Südwesten erheblich abgeschwächt. Aus Beobachtungen des Gefechtsverlaufs und aus Gefangenenaussagen möchte ich schlussfolgern dass der Gegner,  trotz seiner gewaltigen Verluste, weiterhin daran festhält, unbedingt nach Obojan und Kursk durchzubrechen. Gestern beobachtete ich persönlich südwestlich Prochorowka ein Panzergefecht zwischen unserem 18. und 29. Korps und über 300 gegnerischen Panzern im Gegenangriff. Gleichzeitig nahmen an der Schlacht Hunderte von Geschützen und alle unsere verfügbaren Werfer teil. Nach einer Stunde war das ganze Gefechtsfeld von brennenden deutschen und sowjetischen Panzern übersät.

Innerhalb von zwei Tagen verlor das 29. Panzerkorps Rotmistrows 60 Prozent und das 18. Kops 30 Prozent seiner Panzer: Die Verluste im 5. Mechanisierten Korps sind unerheblich. Auch für morgen halte ich einen gegnerischen Panzerdurchbruch von Süden in den Raum Schaowo-Awdejewka-Alexandrowka für möglich. Noch heute Nacht werde ich Maßnahmen einleiten, um hierher das ganze 5. Mechanisierte Korps, die 32. Motorisierte Brigade und 4 Panzerjägerregimenter zu verlegen. Angesichts der starken gegnerischen Panzerkräfte in Richtung Prochorowka wurde den Hauptkräften Rotmistrows und einem Schützenkorps Shadows für den 14. 7. die begrenzte Aufgabe gestellt, den Gegner  im Raum Storoshewoje-nördlich Storoshewoje-Sowchos ‚Komsomolez‘ zu zerschlagen, die Linie Grjasnoje-Jasnaja Polina zu erreichen und damit die Richtung Prochorowka zuverlässig zu decken.

Auch morgen ist hier eine Panzerbegegnungsschlacht nicht ausgeschlossen. Gegen die Woronescher Front handeln hier nach wie vor nicht weniger als 11 Panzerdivisionen, die systematisch aufgefüllt werden.

Die Meldung hat sich verzögert, da ich spät von der Front zurückgekommen bin. 14.7.43, 2:47 Uhr. Aus der 5. Gardepanzerarmee.“

Die Zweite Etappe der Kursker Schlacht begann am 12. Juli und dauerte bis zum 23. August.“

Wassiliewsky,  Sache des ganzen Lebens, Berlin 1977, S. 307 f.


Mahnmal Prochorowka


Heute, 80 Jahre nach der Panzerschlacht von Prochorowka stehen russische Verbände dem -ideologisch gesehen - gleichen Gegner, der nach wie vor Russland zerschlagen will, wieder gegenüber.

Es bewahrheitet sich erneut was Marx dereinst geschrieben hatte, ich zitiere aus dem Gedächtnis: "Alle Haupt- und Staatsaktionen erscheinen in der Geschichte zweimal: einmal als Tragödie und einmal als Farce." Und es ist eine blutige Farce, die auf dem Kriegstheater der Ukraine aufgeführt wird.

Wann endlich, so fragt das astrologische Herz, können die unendlich guten Seiten von Konstellationen wie der oben gezeigten dem Menschengeschlecht zum Segen gereichen? Denn, wie C.G.JUNG bezeugt: 'die Archetypen enthalten Niedrigstes und Höchstes',  es liegt an uns welche ihrer Seiten zum Zuge kommen.

Murnau, 11. 7. 2023, UTC:19:29.

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2023

22.6.1941 - 82 Years Ago Doomsday on Sunday

6. 22. 1941

UTC 1:15

Mundanomaniac, now grandfather, 

was a fetus at this date eightytwo years ago.

Mother was in the first month; 

but the shock of June 22, 1941

he must have it in his blood.

At 3:15 Berlin time, the artillery fire of the German raid on the Soviet Union began at the 2000 Km long Russian-German demarcation line Password "Barbarossa"

Secret report of the Security Service of the SS on the internal political situation No. 196 (excerpt)

I. General information: According to the reports received so far from all parts of the empire, the news of an outbreak of war with Russia has caused the greatest surprise among the population, especially the current time of the offensive in the East ... The population is aware of the severity and scope of this struggle, but calm, composed confidence prevails. True, anxious minds express that it will have great difficulties to conquer these vast spaces. In the end, however, the great confidence in the insurmountability of German soldiering is always expressed …

Daily slogan of the Reich Press Chief

How the fight will end is clear to us. It can only end with a victory of the German weapons. The press now has the decisive task of directing the heart and feeling of the homeland in such a way that the front can rely on the homeland again even now.

The minister explained literally: " The Fuehrer says it takes four months. But I tell you, it only takes eight weeks. For as much as National Socialism surpasses communism in internal content, so true must its immense superiority prove itself on the battlefield in the shortest possible time …

Piekalkiewicz, The Battle for Moscow, 1997, p. 40f.

Passers-by in Moscow on 22.6.1941 at the announcement of the German raid

As is known, the four months of the "Führer" turned into four years, and the last shot of this campaign was fired in Berlin on May 8, after 23 million Soviet citizens and 6 million German soldiers and 6 million Jewish civilians, among others, had to give their lives.

How could an event of this magnitude have found a constellation that allowed such a movement?

The answer is given by the horoscope of the day, although not the whole, but without a doubt the whole entry.

6. 22. 1941
UTC: 1:15

The lights and planets in the sky correspond, according to the experience of millennia, with the "gods", in modern language: the archetypes. Depth psychology states that the archetypes determine both the highest and the lowest in the human psyche.

On 22.6.1941, Mars constellates the lower in the form of aggression out of stealth, under the pretense of peaceful intentions, to Pisces at 23.9°. Mars not only works out of the secrecy of Pisces but – doubling - in opposition resonance to Neptune, who conceals the lower intentions in the Virgo's sense of purpose.

And both in square resonance to the center of the action: Sun in Cancer. Cancer means: in the exclusivity of self-reference, which corresponds to the exclusive devotion to one's own emotional worlds. In the invaded nation, this very state of feeling is understandably also constant.

In the constellation Saturn / Uranus / Moon in Taurus, however, the superpersonal central = Saturn is shown, in the resonance to the superpersonal decentralized with the inclusion of the people = Uranus / Moon. In the subhuman form of the National Socialist state, Saturn represents the form-preserving coercion, which serves to guarantee the existing social privileges (except for Jews and other "alien elements"). This Saturn attacks Uranus, because he abolishes the traditional privileged form of society in favor of the revolutionary, "human" form in the tradition of the American and French revolutions, which had bloodily deprived the privileged of their privileges.

However, Saturn is still striking in another respect on 6/22/1941: in the dispute, he combines his light with the virtual light of the "blue" Uranus from the king conjunction in the air element of 11/8/1186, which "shines" at 23.2 ° in Taurus.

Why in a quarrel? Saturn, like Uranus, is about the superpersonal determinant. Saturn, however, says: "To preserve as before", while Uranus says: "To remove what stands in the way of a new destiny".

The mills of the gods use to grind slowly. So when in 1941 the virtual air-element-millennium-Uranus, with its location in the human community of the bull herd, was involved in a historical event by the subhumanly moved of the ongoing Saturn, it cost the protagonists of Saturn their heads, albeit only after four years.

So much for the day of the entry into the constellation of 1941.

But it matures the same thing differently every year. Contents are bundled at the length of the year, there are rare combinations , concatenations are maturing, there are target passages. - in other words: the fate of the year is added to the fate of the day. However, it should not be brought up immediately now.

There is, as another "onion peel, which envelops day and year, the year seven, the decade, ... in addition, there is the obstinacy of the 4 elements that radiate, blow, flow and persist - each according to its calendar. And the disturbances of the harmonies occur according to the old alchemist's view, in that the elements contradict each other calendrically.

Therefore, the wisdom realized that in the Lower World the disharmonies are discharging into strife, war and catastrophe. Archetypes are like the weather for the elements.

The elements are the 4 reactivities. who mix and stir to the "world".

And this is the commonality: outer world, inner world - both are in resonance with the weather of the archetypes.

So let's continue with the consideration of the year seven weather of the physically elementary element Earth, which seems reasonable to us, because the Earth "reveals" the product of all four elements.

It is also possible to include the fire year seven, air year seven and water year seven in the consideration, but the Earth year seven is always recommended for the entry.

The rhythmic environment

The 20. septar of the king conjunction in the Earth element

King's conjunction in the Earth element of 1802
Sept. 20, valid for 1935 – 42
of  7.17.1821, UTC 12: 53 Berlin

The septennial of the Earth element from 1935 - 1942 falls out of all normal measurements with:

1 conjunction of Uranus and Neptune and

2. both's square resonance to Pluto.

 1. This conjunction takes place approximately every 170 years. In the rhythmic septar magnification of 1 year = 7 years, this means: every 1190 years. However, the distance of the last Kingsconjunction in the Earth element from 1802 to the following, 2577, gives "only" 775 years.

This period, measured in seven-year increments, results in 111 septars = 777 years. This means: the last valid septar of 1802 is that of 17.7.1912, it is valid for 2572 -79, because in its seven years the new royal conjunction in the Earth element of 12.1.2577 already falls.

The next Uranus / Neptune conjunction after 1821, however, was that of 1993; its magnification of 1=7 falls far outside the septars of 1802, namely by 81 x 7 = 560 years.

The Uranus / Neptune conjunction thus occurs only once in the septars of the king conjunctions of whatever element. Even if it had been established in the case of the Earth element in 1802, the next one would have occurred 172 years later, that is, in 1974. 172 Years x 7 = 1204 years, however, extend far beyond the distance of two royal conjunctions, about 800 years.

2.: The meaning of Uranus + Neptune is: Cancellation and dissolution of a destiny, because, as the rulers of Aquarius and Pisces, their signs in the zodiac follow Capricorn by representing his stages of transformation.

Thus, abolition and dissolution, and the square to Pluto means: "under sacrifice", because Pluto, in my interpretation, always "belongs" to the proportion of time that is due to those who have been and those who are coming to the present, that is, to the souls of those who have already stepped back from eternity into the temporal and from this back into the eternal, for example, to those who still have these steps ahead of them.

But the decisive factor for sacrifice is whether, as in the distant and near past, and in remnants even today, it is done voluntarily, out of the forebodings of the heart, and in pietas (lat. pious, loving attitude) happens. If this does not happen, then man bends the zodiac, so to speak, in his intentionality, and it bends at some point, when modern man can not need it at all (in fact, he can never use it), and then catastrophically back against his will.

This is exactly what the 20th septar of the King's Conjunction of 1802 prophetically shows in the Earth element.

And as you can see, if you follow the drawing, it happens in the right-turning rhythm of fate, when it wanders through Capricorn and meets Uranus / Neptune = cancellation and dissolution, in the way that Saturn indicates. He stands in the sixth house and thus follows deliberate, purposeful motives, and he does it as the connection of Saturn and Jupiter indicates, in that the area of a determination = Saturn is to be extended. The expansion is indicated by Jupiter, to which the number 3 belongs, which, according to the principle of the funnel, analogously to the left sequence in the zodiac, indicates the step from Sagittarius to Capricorn = the concentration of the comprehensive on the determining; but just as the funnel, conversely, viewed in a clockwise direction from the zodiac, indicates the analogy of the determining (Capricorn) in its expansion into the far (Sagittarius).

After this very collected reflection, now in the third part the reflection of the year, in this case related to Hamburg.

The Equinoctium of 21.3.1941

1941-42 Equinoctium

3.21. 1941, UTC 0:16, on Hamburg

The equinoctium brought this motif for the whole of Central Europe, which also contained, as just shown, the simultaneous septar: Saturn/ Jupiter, the extension of the determinant into the vastness. The Russian campaign with its front width from the beginning (!) 2,000 Km, and in 1942 an extension to almost 4,000 Km makes this clear. Here in the Equinoctium for Germany, this expansion appears as a motive for action in the fifth house.

1941/42 the expansion into the wide open...

However, the decisive factor for the possibilities of action under the sign of the Sun is the slow passage of Neptune through the opposition resonance to the spring sun at 0 ° Aries, which - slow beat of Neptune – returns in the equinoctium until 1945.

In the Equinoctium 1941/42, Venus is included in the constellation for this purpose. But this is crucial for effects that affect the boundaries of territories, because Venus, as the mistress of Taurus, is the mistress of territories.

As the drawing shows, June 22 begins one day after the rhythm enters the ninth or fourth house, respectively. Thus, the Venus / Neptune question is immediately established and, as a phenomenon, the beginning of the sovereign state (Capricorn) aggression in a second house = territory.

From the very beginning, the advance of the Nazi army through White and Western Russia and Ukraine was met by such fierce resistance as this army had never felt before in any campaign, except in 1940 - in the unsuccessfully aborted air war with England. Nevertheless, she marched in the advantage of the moment of surprise, military-technical superiority and the routine of three campaigns, in the first four months in the broadest possession of the initiative.

It was only on the South-Western Front in front of Kiev that the Red Army units defended themselves so successfully until the end of August that they forced Hitler to stop the advance on Moscow and let the right wing of Army Group B (later "center") swing to the south in order to encircle and largely destroy the brave South-Western Front of the Red Army there in the battle of Kiev. However, due to the loss of time, this tactical necessity forced the abandonment of the "Blitzkrieg concept" ("Four months ...") and led to the Winter War in Russia, for which Hitler's army was in no way equipped.

It will remain a must for the students of astrology for generations to trace the analogies of the heavenly constellations to the situation of Army group B (later "middle"), which accompanied the complete transition from the Blitzkrieg to the catastrophe in front of Moscow, which took place starting  December 6. 1941.

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In English (Yandex) 6. 22. 2023, 21:24.


Montag, 1. Mai 2023



aus WIKI


der vierte Aggregatzustand


Plasma (gr: πλάσμα, das Geformte, das Gebilde) bezeichnet […]in der Physik ein (teilweise) ionisiertes Gas


Beschreibung eines Plasmas als ein leitendes Gas ist die Magnetohydrodynamik.


Ich habe mich immer gefragt, mit welchem Organ Gott wohl denken mag.

Vom Plasma vernehme ich nun dieses:

mehr als 99 % der sichtbaren Materie im Universum befindet sich im Plasmazustand


Interstellarer Raum, Sterne, Flammen, Blitze

dass All erfüllt von den Ladungen der Gedanken Gottes und dem unsichtbaren „inneren“  Erstrahlen angeregter Gedankenwolken

Wir in den Randzonen der drei anderen Aggregatzustände -

Erde Luft und Wasser - nennen das vierte Element (oder das erste) „Feuer“, aber es geht wohl um das, was in ihm, und nicht nur dort ist: Strom ohne feste Leitung, Strom im Gas.

Heute ist Venus, Herrin der Gas -Waage –Welt „Liebe“ (und Herrin der Schwer-Welt Stier) beim Feuermerkur und mir schenkt er heute das Wort mit dem die Griechen ein „Gebilde“, ein „Gebildetes“ benannten, mit diesem Wort das so genau auf seinen Gegensatzpartner, den Bildner, verweist.

Donnerstag, 20. April 2023

In The Kairos of the New World - Order


Two Presidents bid 'good bye' in a poignant way.

Andrei Martyanow: 

"MOSCOW, March 20 - RIA Novosti. In the Kremlin, informal talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping ended, they lasted 4.5 hours. At the end of the meeting, the Russian leader went outside to see off his Chinese counterpart. They briefly talked at the car and shook hands in farewell."

"How I wish I was a fly on the wall in the room where this "informal" 4.5 hours long marathon was held. Can you imagine now US media-intelligence complex wrecking their brains trying to figure out what did they discuss there? I want to point out, however, that Putin marked the territory when stated that (in Russian) Russia respects China's position on Ukraine, that Russia attentively studied this proposition and... that it will discuss it later. In diplomatic lingo it means: we appreciate your effort but... Recall that Russian diplomacy repeated, again, fundamental demands for peaceful settlement in Ukraine: demilitarization, non-block (neutral) status and acceptance of the territorial realities on the ground. As you may have guessed it, Chinese proposal or no Chinese proposal, it is a no go."

In the good-bye.gestures of the presidents of the two leading world-powers, the economical and the militarily one, becomes palpable, what makes this year a historical one: we are living in the momemnt of the kairos of the new world-order.

Pepe Escobar:

           "We cannot even begin to fathom the non-stop ripple effects deriving from the 2023 geopolitical earthquake that shook the world: Putin and Xi, in Moscow, de facto signaling the beginning of the end of Pax Americana."

This kairos does appear militärily in the sovereign  dominating of the ukrainian battlefield between Russia and the  West. With this suddenly has been taken away the incubus of the military threat plus indeptedness in Dollars, which the US can print as desired ...

In the few weeks of this year were agreed among others by:



Saudi-Arabia with China: Öl purchases in Yuan

· Saudi Arabia: Reconciliation with Iran

· India: Trading-accounts in Rupia

· Malaysia: Trading-accounts

in domestic currencies

· Brasil: Trading accounts in Rial/Yuab


In Afrika the rejection of the interferences  of the West into the inner affaires of the African countries run rampant. Russia has remitted African depts in the amount of 20 billion Rubels

Into the economical group BRICS, which unites Brasil, Russia, India, China, South Afrika a number of 22 states have applied to be intergrated, among others; Argentinia, Mexico, Algeria, Aegypt, Nigeria, Saudi.Arabia, VAR, Indonesia. On the BRICS-Summit in August in South Africa their acession will be worked on.

The astromundane analysis of the constellations, accompanying all these changes, show sensationally precise the main constellations which always indicate, what different time-qualities are constellated with another in emerging  common intensities.

Particularly remarcable is the involvement of the so called planets of fate, which, seen from the Earth, are more and more slowly moving on their outer tracks around the Sun. Their transits signify decisive moments, having emerged over more and more long periods. Their  terms for an orbit around the Sun are:


Jupiter: 12 years

Saturn: barly  30 years

Uranus: 84 years

Neptune : 164 years

Pluto: 248 years


and here the arrows of likewise intensity


1. The Transits on the  Kingsconjunctions in the Earth-element

"The Conjunctions of Jupiter with Saturn, described Kepler  and since scientifically more and more precisely calculated, was considered in all millenia as an aspect of highest importance for the human race. Jupiter was considered in Babylon as star of the light-god and world-creator Marduk. In babylonian sources he is called "Herder of the stars", or also ruler of the planets, the Kingsstar, corresponding to the earthly King as the hail-and peace-bringer, the giver from off the fullness, causing grace and bliss. 

But also Saturn contains a royal aspect, cause he was read as 'Star of the Sun', as it's deputy. According to his function he was the star of justice, the epitome of a just divine world-order "in heaven like on Earth". As star of the Sun he  was considered as the allseeing and allknowing, and therefore as the star of wisdom and prophecy. By him, according to babylonian conception, spiritual conception was caused ... planet and protector of the jewish people, like also the Sabbath, the day of Saturn.

As now Saturn and Jupiter because of their royal kind were considered as the "great Twins", their union suggested itself to be a culmination of the kingship of heaven and Earth."

Rosenberg, Zeichen am Himmel, (Signs in the Sky) p. 46 f.

Of the four elements, fire, earth, air and water  - earth represents most basically the core area of  politics 
 as the earth-element contains with

Taurus the social
Virgo the economical
Capricorn the statist

The latest Kingsconjunction in the earth-element is that of July 17. 1802, valid till 2577, cause the Kingsconjunctions (Change of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn/Jupiter in one element into another) again in the same element happen in steps of about each 800 years.
Kingsconjunction = Birthhoroscope of times and  things of the earth-element, sensible for  transits of  lights and planets.


1. The Transits on the Kingsconjunktion in the earth-element of 1702.



Kingsconjunktion in the earth-element of 

July 17. 1802

northern hemisphere

Transit  August 24. 2023




Jupiter: Conciliation – Mars: Begin, enforcement

Pluto: form by waiver – Sonne/Mercury: sovereignty and economy

Saturn: supreme authority  Jupiter/Saturn: King and son

law and conciliation





Kingsconjunktion in the earth-element of 

July 17. 1802

northern hemisphere

Transit 3. 22. 2023

Xi-visit in Moscow



Saturn: supreme authority – Moon: the people

Uranus: origin– Mars: the beginning, enforcement

Sonne: life-power – Uranus: origin




Kingsconjunktion in the earth-element of 

July 17. 1802

northern hemisphere

Transit 3.. 31. 2023


Decree: New foreign policy


Saturnsupreme authority – Moon: the people

Uranusorigin – Mars: Dbeginning, enforcement

Venus: security, ressouces, balance – Mars:

Venus/Uranus = political  origin of human civilization

Mars  beginning, enforcement

Mercury: discernment – Sonne/Mercury: life and economy

Mars: beginning, enforcement – Uranus: origin


2. The 32. Septar of the Kingsconjunktion in the earth-element.

For the 'long waves of fate' we have, besides the transits, the septars, i.e. the rhythmical iterations of the exact position of the 'birth-Sun' at the birthdays of the kingsconjunction in the enlargement of 1 : 7 years.

The septar signifies, beginning with the ascendant, the rhythmic emerging  of the physical appearance and the rhythmic contribution of the symbolic apparatus 'psyche' , along each circle of  12x7 months. Currently, since 7.17 . 2019 the 32. septar from July 17. 1833 is valid between January 17. and August 17. Its the seventh 7-month--period - belonging to the ruler of the conscious descendant.


descendant:= consciousness


Moscow 2019 – 2026


Ascendant Libra = the Balance

Ruler of the current 7 months since January 17. till

August 17. 2023: Mars

 Ruling:  Aries = beginning,  enforcement.

 descendant: site of encounter

 for the ascendant

Mature symbolic consciousness, mature physical awareness of conditions of enforcement


 From house 7 to six; Pluto, waiver in favour of  civilization after 6 months.

From house six to seven:  Jupiter, reconciliation after one month

Mars in the house 10 of the supreme authority

 in Leo

in war

sovereign expression 

of life-power




Peking 2019 – 2026


Ascendant Capricorn: the authoriy


Ruler of the current 7 months since January 17. till

August 17. 2023Moon


Ruling: Cancer = the conception

at descendant:. 

site of encounter for the ascendant

Mature symbolic consciousness

mature physical awareness

 of conditions 

at the well of life

 family as lap

After 3,5 months Moon in Cancer in house 7:

 public Symbol of 


 conjunction with 

 sovereingty and safety

of Sun

 Opposition Neptune = dissolution of  ostensibilities




Washington 2019 – 2026


Aszendant Leo = the sovereign power


Ruler of the current 7 months since January 17. till

August 17. 2023Uranus


Aquarius = the suspension of tradition and  previous order

At descendant: the encounter with the suspension of old and origin of coming authority. 

Sun  in house 12 conjunction Moon

dissolution of conscious control 

and sovereignty

At descendant Aquarius, Origin of the human

 thoughts in the consciousness

of 'cosmic' being

In the autumn 2019 Neptune is actualized bringing the dissolution of authority and economy of reason into


connected with the opposition 

of Sun and Moon 

in the 12. house of unconscious 


3. The Statesmen



*10. 7. 1052, Leningrad

Transit 2. 24. 2022

Special Military Operation‘ SMO



Kingsconjunction Earth-element of 1802

Transit 2. 24. 2022



Special Military Operation

Putin, 7. 10. 1952, Leningrad

Transit 3. 22.. 2023

Xi-Visit  in Moscow 3. 21/22. 2023


Xi Jinping

6. 15. 1953, Peking

Transit 3. 22.  2023



Annex (transl. by yandex)

C.G.JUNG at the end of the Christian two thousand years under the sign of Pisces.

John of the Apocalypse "thus outlined the program of the entire Fish eon with its dramatic enantiodromy and its dark end, which we have not yet experienced (1952), and before whose truly and unsurpassed apocalyptic possibilities humanity shudders. The four eerie horsemen, the threatening trumpet blasts and the bowls of anger to be poured out are already waiting or still waiting: the atomic bomb hangs over us like a sword of Damocles, and behind it lurk the incomparably more terrible possibilities of chemical air warfare, which can overshadow even the horrors of the apocalypse."Luciferi vires accendit Aquarius acres" (Aquarius ignites the wild forces of Lucifer). Who would seriously claim that John at least did not correctly foresee the possibilities that directly threaten our world in the end time of the Christian eon. He also knows that in the divine pleroma the fire in which the devil is tormented exists forever. God has a terrible double aspect: a sea of grace meets a glowing lake of fire, and the light of love outshines a dark ember, of which it is said: "Ardet non Lucet" (it burns but it does not shine). This is the eternal gospel (as opposed to the temporal one): one can love God and one must fear Him.

The apocalypse, which rightly stands at the end of the New Testament, reaches beyond this into a future that is within reach with all apocalyptic horrors. The decision of a thoughtless person in a herostratic head can be enough to trigger the world catastrophe. The thread on which our fate hangs has become thin. Not nature, but the "genius of mankind" has tied this fatal rope, with which he can execute himself at any time. This is just another "façon of the parlers" than when John speaks of the "wrath of God".

Response to Job, §§ 733-734

Wir leben im Kairos für den „Gestaltwandel der Götter“, das heißt der Grundlegenden Prinzipien und Symbole. Dieses Anliegen unserer Zeit, welches wir wahrhaftig nicht selber bewußt gewählt haben, bildet den Ausdruck des sich wandelnden inneren und unbewußten Menschen. Von dieser folgenschweren Veränderung werden sich die kommenden Generationen Rechenschaft geben müssen, wenn die Menschheit sich vor der drohenden Selbstzerstörung durch die Macht ihrer Technik und Wissenschaft retten will.“ X/335


Mythus: „...weiß er( der Mensch), daß er den lebenserhaltenden Mythus vom inneren Menschen, den das Christentum für ihn aufbewahrt hat, im Begriff steht, zu verlieren?“X/336


Einzelner...: „Wohl und Wehe des einzelnen Menschen, jener infinitesimalen Einheit, von der eine Welt abhäng, jenes individuellen Wesens, in dem – wenn wir den Sinn der christlichen Botschaft richtig vernehmen – sogar Gott sein Ziel sucht.“ X/336

 Murnau, 4. 20. 2023, UTC: 19:15.